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Carolina Apartment Advisors is an advisory and investment firm focus on Multifamily and Student Housing in North Carolina, South Carolina and select areas in Georgia, Tennessee and Virginia.

We provide a wide variety of services to suit our clients needs. With 30+ years of experience, we share a deep understanding of the markets and remain the top choice for multifamily and student housing services.

Core Services

Off Market Deals

Staying in the loop of special off market deals means that we can provide rare opportunities to our investors looking for a unique property. Our brokers have knowledge of the latest deals only available to a small number of buyers.


Site Selection

We utilize the latest property searching databases and satellite mapping tools to help our clients choose  a future site that meets their needs – no matter what size of property they are looking for.


Target Marketing

Take advantage of our industry leading marketing team who use the latest techniques and tools to advertise properties to specific demographics. This targeted marketing means faster results and higher profits.


Equity & Debt Sourcing

The ability to connect our investors to solid competitive debt and equity financing is a key to our ongoing success. Our team finds low interest rates, good terms, and multiple sources for our clients to choose from.


REO & Note Sales

With an extensive knowledge of our market, our team will help you buy or sell your REO property or Note. Quality marketing materials and our aggressive sales team will help your property receive qualified offers quickly from a wide variety of buyers.


Capital Markets

Working with professional brokers who specialize in certain capital markets means you get the best possible deal using the latest information.


Valuation Analysis

Keeping our clients informed and helping them choose the best future projection is an important part of our method.  An insightful  valuation analysis of current comparable sales with a focus on cash flow and investment metrics.


Market Analysis

Our clients benefit from our years of  experience serving the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia markets. Our track record of success is due to our in-depth knowledge of these local communities and sub-markets.


Investment Analysis

Our clients benefit from our team’s extensive research and experience with multifamily investments and developments.  We take the financial work out of investing by providing a number of analytical services including a personalized cash flow projection.


Private Funding

Our relationships with private investors are strong, and sourcing private funding for projects and developments is our specialty. Contact us on how we can connect you with the perfect investor.

Rehab Funding

Having  multiple sources of funding available for rehabbing properties is important in finding a financially effective solution to updating a property. We are dedicated to finding you the right source of funding for your needs.

Joint Ventures

After years of successful transactions within our key markets we have built relationships with seasoned developers, and can put clients in contact with potential partners regarding a vast array of real estate projects.